YES is an attitude to your success.

YES International Group is founded in Sweden 1999. Mainly serving regional and city-level government in China and Europe. Based on the local political vision and positioning, combining local advantages and specialty, YES provides innovative concept. Through relocate resources among government, company and culture (including educational institute), YES builds international co-operative and collaborating platform, presents total strategic solution for regional internationalization development. 

Our History

YES International Group is founded 1999. Our first office was located at the 100-year old Industry Park (Teknikbyn) in the Swedish city Västerås, where ABB and H&M started.

The company is created by Sandy Li Shenzhi, who was born in Beijing and lived in Sweden since 1995.

Our Philosophy

YES is a way of living, getting new ideas, developing new skills, reviewing yourself. YES is an attitude to your true success, for all challenges, there is a solution, very often, more than one even. Get a different view, believe yourself, and make your dreams.

YES is a positive message, for a more sustainable globalization.

What we do

YES International Group offers the following services: Innovation and inspiration, Internationalization projects, Interculture Marketing, Interculture Events, Training and Consulting, System Automation.

Innovation and Inspiration

Think different, generate ideas, seminars, training for you and your organization.


International Events and projects

Intercultural Marketing

International Marketing among different cultures and audience. 

System Automation

Sweden is good in many things, systematic thinking and high level of automation provides efficiency and quality during our workflow.

Latest Projects

Our Projects

2021: Inspiration from Svalbard...

2020: A 4-dimentional mindmapping system, patent pending...

2019: Swedish Harmony

2018: SME2GO EU project

2017: Urban Planning Project for China Agricultural Pilot Zone

2016: Hearicam

2015: Nishan Press Europe

2014: Swedish Pavilion at Expo 2014 Qingdao

2013: Friendship City Collaboration

2012: Culture Exhibition in Shandong

2011: China Today Culture Event in Sweden

2010: National Night Events on Dragon Boat for Shanghai Expo 2010 Participants

2009: How2Expo training for Shanghai Expo 2010 Committee

2008: International Expo 2008 in Zaragoza

All time:Delegation Visits, International Film Festivals, Shows, Events, Seminars, and more creative projects.

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